Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Rented Planet

The Rented Planet is about two things. 

Renting and the planet.

How are these two related? Well apart from the fact that we all of us share the planet, renters, landlords, nomads and numbats alike, there's a strong connection between the lot of the renter and all humankind.

A renter doesn't own the home she lives in. 

A human being doesn't own the planet she lives on.

A renter has an obligation to maintain his domestic environment or risk being evicted.

A human being has an obligation to maintain his environment or risk extinction.

A renter can't even stick up a poster without the permission of the owner.

A human being can't even put up a power pylon without affecting the global ecosystem.

The Rented Planet is a movement.

A movement for change. 

A change in attitude towards renters and what they have to offer the world.

What might that be?

Well, let's take a straight-forward example which compares the actions of a home-owner to that of a renter.

Our example takes place in a humble suburban backyard.

Our home-owner plants something. A tree. She does so knowing that the tree will require care and watering to survive and that it will add beauty to the garden and value to the home which, over time will increase. Ultimately, she'll recoup the investment in both time and money when the house is sold.

Our renter also plants a tree. She knows it will require care to survive and that it will add beauty to the garden and increasing value to the home over time. She also knows she will never recoup on the investment of time and money she'll put in.

Why does she do it?

To make the world a better place.

Renters understand the exquisite frustration of wanting to make your environment beautiful but knowing that ultimately, whatever work you put in, you'll never own the result. The only motivation for putting in the effort is for the result alone, never the pay off to come.

Like renters we live on this planet under some plain realities. We can't trash the place without facing the consequences. Whatever ever we do to improve the place will be enjoyed by those who come after us. 

Ultimately, if we fail the terms of the lease the human race will be evicted and the planet will be given over to some other tenants. 

Maybe ants.

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